About our Founder

MorningStar Scents was founded by Salvador Parada in 2015. The idea of a travel perfume bottle was thought of after a full sized Gucci perfume bottle that was gifted to his friend spilled in a suit case during a trip.

A travel perfume bottle is more convenient to carry for daily use and for traveling. It is TSA approved to keep in a carry-on bag or personal bag aboard an airplane.

The size of a travel perfume bottle is also a great way to sample a perfume for a while (the travel perfume bottle consists of approximately 140-150 sprays) instead of purchasing a full size bottle.

However, MorningStar Scents also offers full size perfume bottles in case you want your favorite scent in a bigger portion or if you want to gift one to someone special.

All of MorningStar Scents products have 100% authenticity and we only work directly with authorized suppliers.